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Why do you think the the longspan shelves are expensive than some other suppliers

Why do you think the the longspan shelves are expensive than some other suppliers

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The advantage of our longspan shelves than other suppliers

Sometimes, we can hear from some customers that our price of Longspan shelves are expensive than some other supplier. Why?


Reason 1:  Upright Post and Upright Frame

The upright post of our longspan shelves is M-type, which can bear more weight and be better than C-type. Besides, our upright Frame(upright post+horizontal and diagonal bracing) is detachable, which will save more shipping space than welded type, and be easy to assemble. However, most of suppliers are C-type upright post, welded type upright Frame. Are you sure our racks are the same as other suppliers?

Reason 2:  Shelves Weight

There is a direct relationship between the rack price and the rack weight. However, as far as we know, although many suppliers say they have the same rack specifications as us, the real rack specifications and weight are almost half of ours. For example, 200kg per layer, the shelves weight of some suppliers are just 40-45kg/unit, but our is 65-90kg as per your layers.


Reason 3:  Power Coating of shelves surface

The power coating on shelves surface will be heated and plasticized to a certain extent to protect the shelves, which having the function of moistureproof and beautiful. 

For the thickness of power coating, the market is generally 40-50μm, but our is 60-80μm



You get what you pay for. If you need High Quality Longspan Shelves, contact us!


Annie Xu


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