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Cantilever Racks
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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Rack is the optimal storage solution for long or bulky items such as furniture, lumber, tubing, textiles, and piping.

We'd like design racking layout CAD drawing and 3D drawings to you freely.
Please feel free to contact us.
Product description
Cantilever racks
Place of Origin:  Shandong Province, China  Brand Name:      LEADER     Size: Any Sizes
Certification: CE/ ISO9001     Surface Treatment: Powder Coating  Color: Any Colors
Raw Material: Shanghai Bao Steel, Q235 Loading Capacity: 500kg-2000kg/arm Drawings: Availiable

Supply Ability:5000 Tons single or double sides cantilever rack
Leade Time: ≤50 sets, within 10 working days; ≥50 sets, Negotiatable

Product Description

Cantilever Racks come in Single and Double Sided configurations and have various capacities for storing your lumber, pipes and other long parts with ease.

They are made from heavy duty structural steel and have a scratch resistant  powder coating finish. Color options are available upon request.

Single sided cantilever racks are typically used for storing your products along one of your warehouse walls.

Double sided cantilever racks work great for storing products in the center of your warehouse in one or multiple rows.

Both Single and Double sided cantilever racks are assembled using a simple nut and bolt system that requires minimal tools.


Cantilever Rack Posts and Bases are the foundation of any cantilever racking system. What are these two components that make up the system?


The post is a vertical structure with pre-drilled holes at a standardized spacing where the base(s) and arm(s) connect. It is the backbone of the system.


The base is exactly what is sounds like. It is the base or foot of the post. They can be used to store another level of material at the floor.


Cantilever rack arms are what hold the material. They attached to the tower at user defined heights depending on what type of material is being stored. Arms come in varying lengths and capacities which is also determined by what type of material it is.


Cantilever Rack Bracing includes X bracing and Horizontals, and come in various sizes. These different sizes allow you to store many different lengths material.


X-Bracing are two diagonal pieces of steel in the shape of an “X”. They are bolted together onto the horizontals. Horizontals are a single piece of steel laid horizontal between the two posts. This type of bracing adds the most stability to the system.

Layout and Design:

Let one of our trained professionals help you with your layout and design options .This service is free. Just explain what your storage requirements are and we will help you design the right system to fit you specific application.

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