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Radio Shuttle Racks
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Radio Shuttle Racks

1. Improved Efficiency.
The Radio Shuttle cart brings the pallet to the entrance, the forklift does not enter the lane.
2. Increase Storage.
Radio Shuttle permits the storage of different reference numbers.
3. Reduce Accidents Eliminate Lane Damage.
By eliminating forklifts from racking lanes, the risk of rack damage is greatly reduced.
4. Maximize Productivity.
Simply by adding more Radio Shuttle carts, the flow of incoming and outgoing goods increases.
5.Highly Compatible.
Optimizes space by compacting pallets with different widths inside the lanes.
6.Optimize Space.
Minimizes the height between levels.
Product description
Product Description
This high density pallet storage system simplifies loading and unloading goods by utilizing an electric cart called a Radio Shuttle.
A forklift sets the pallet on top of the Radio Shuttle.  The cart then moves along the track to place the load in the correct location.Using a remote control,  the operator can execute all procedures for storing and extracting pallets.   High precision sensors control how the Radio Shuttle moves the stored load.
Product Specifications
Max. Depth 80m
Radio Shuttle Customized( components are Imported from USA, Germany)
H.S. CODE of Storage racking system  


Component Details

Storage racking system contains components as below


Adjustable Footplate

Cross Beam with Hooks

Single BracketDouble BracketsGalvanized TrackPallet Guide PlateCorner Guard

Tie Beam

Forklift  Displacement Restrictor

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